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Quick guide to troubleshooting

No bluetooth contact with measurement device

1. Turn bluetooth of, and on again.

2. Verify that no other phone/tablet is connected to the device over bluetooth

3. Restart you phone/tablet

4. Try to connect 

5. If none of the above is successful, the battery might be empty and needs to be replaced. The battery time is usually several years. Instructions for battery change is available in the manual. i manual.

Photocell led is not active lit (when not pointing to reflex).

Check the battery
- Instructions for changing battery is in the manual.  manual.

Photocell led is active when pointing to reflex
-Verify that the distance to the reflex is not to long. 1-2 m is ok under normal conditions.
-Verify that the photocell or reflex is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Contact mat does not register jumps 
- Verify that the mat is connected  to the measurement device. 
- Verify that the mat is flat on a flat surface. 


In the manual, you can find instructions for assembling your TagTimer.